Range of Services

We consider the entire life cycle of a property: from conception and development to value-enhancing management and exit. In doing so, we not only optimize the yield, but above all minimize the risks. The VIVUM Group and its management are shareholders in every fund we launch. As a result, we always act from the perspective of the investor and not that of a service provider.

Fund Management

Fund management is one of our core competencies. We offer many years of experience as managers of equity and mezzanine capital funds for investments in project developments and value-added measures. The funds we set up and manage invest in various asset classes, including residential, retail, office, student, micro-housing, and care properties.


We have a comprehensive network of brokers, owners, and project developers that has been established over many years. We know the local markets and, thanks to the high level of expertise among our investment managers, we identify the projects that match our investors’ investment profile.

Equity & Mezzanine Capital

VIVUM is a competent partner for the developer right from the early stages of a project and supports them with its expertise far beyond pure mezzanine or equity financing. True to the motto “smart money”, VIVUM takes an active role in the project: supporting the planning process, organizing debt financing if required, optimizing the utilization concept, or managing sales.

Asset Management

VIVUM is a shareholder in each of its funds. We therefore always act from the perspective of the owner. It is our primary goal to increase the value of the property, even beyond the time of completion. As an asset manager, VIVUM assumes the active planning, management, execution and control of all tasks that influence the value of the VIVUM funds’ investments.

Portfolio Management

Thanks to our extensive expertise in real estate and financial markets, we define portfolio strategies and realign them when market conditions change. Our team regularly evaluates and prioritizes investments. From the comparative analysis of key figures and the simulation of target and alternative portfolios, we deliver a report to our investors that presents all important developments and data of their investment.

Funds and Individual Investments

VIVUM conceives and manages investment funds and individual investments. We offer our investors different real estate investment opportunities based on their risk and return preferences.

Team & Career

It is the minds and their actions that contribute to our success. We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join our team.