Equity & Mezzanine Capital

VIVUM provides equity and mezzanine capital for project developments in Germany as a joint venture partner. VIVUM does not see itself exclusively as an investor; true to the motto “smart money”, we also actively participate in all projects. Depending on requirements, we also arrange debt financing, optimize utilization concepts, or manage sales.

VIVUM as a Capital Partner

As a provider of “smart money”, VIVUM goes far beyond its role as a pure capital partner.

VIVUM does not only raise the vast majority of equity and mezzanine capital. We also arrange bank financing, improve utilization concepts, optimize building law processes, and manage leasing and sales.

VIVUM takes a risk in the early phase of a project and receives a final and performance-related remuneration.


Equity share: Willingness and ability to take over approx. 10% of the required equity capital.

Track record: Proven experience and professional approach.

Concept: Resilient real estate concept for the project.

Project requirements

Projects: New construction, value added and refurbishment

Asset classes: Residential, offices, hotels, retail, care and senior living

Locations: Larger cities and metropolitan regions in Germany

Exit scenario: At the time of the investment decision, the sale of the property already must have been planned

Investment requirements

Equity: €3 million to approx. €20 million per project

Duration: 18-36 months

Interest: Due at maturity; no current interest payments

Investment and
Transaction Structure

A VIVUM Fonds SPV provides the necessary financing by purchasing a bond

No participation under company law

No management function or similar

Where possible, land register security with a ranking after the bank financing the project or an equivalent security concept

No ongoing interest during the project period

Disbursement requirements parallel to the bank’s debt financing

Range of Services

We consider the entire life cycle of a property: from conception and development to value-enhancing management and exit. In doing so, we not only optimize the yield, but above all minimize the risks.