VIVUM GmbH, established in 2005 in Hamburg, plans and manages investment funds which provide, as mezzanine or own equity, financial resources for the development of retail, office and residential building projects in germany.

funds launched 

since 2005


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VIVUM Investment Funds invest 

  • opportunistically i.e. the financial resources are invested in the very early project phases, usually before the purchase of the land and approval of building rights.
  • exit orientated i.e. at the time of the decision regarding the investment, the sale of the building must be drawn up according to plan.
  • only in liquid markets i.e. the location, asset category and concept of the development make a sale after the completion of the building measures appear feasible.
Project criteria
  • Projects: construction of new buildings, extensions and refurbishments
  • Asset categories: retail, office, residential incl. hotels
  • Locations: major cities (Big 7), metropolitan regions
Investment criteria
  • Equity: €3 to approx. €10 million per project
  • Duration: 18 – 36 months
  • Interest: due at end; no ongoing interest payments
Developer criteria
  • Equity: willingness and ability to assume approx. 10% of the required equity
  • Track record: proven experience and professional working manner
  • Concept: project should be based on a strong concept in terms of the property market



Due diligence / project binding
  • Comprehensive assessment of project conception
  • Debt acquisition / optimisation of financial structures
  • Provide contract for project binding
Performance management (in the project phase)
  • Construction cost optimisation / cash flow management
  • Utilisation optimisation
  • Turn around in crisis situations
Disinvestment / sale
  • Support with contract negotiations
  • Network of institutional buyers and estate agents
  • Transaction models (asset and share deal, global sales and sales to end customers) 

VIVUM Fund SPV provides financial resources for project development through the acquisition of a convertible bond

  • No participation under company law
  • No management function or similar
  • Mezzanine capital is treated as borrowed capital for taxation purposes
  • In so far as is possible: second-rate land-register security
  • No ongoing interest during project duration
  • Payout criteria parallel to bank borrowed capital

Vivum GmbH
Frauenthal 15
20149 Hamburg

Tel.: + 49 (0)40 41 35 38 29
Fax: + 49 (0)40 41 7262

Location Frankfurt am Main
Taunustor 1 (Taunusturm)
60310 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 (0)69 50 50 60 42 87

Vivum GmbH
Frauenthal 15
20149 Hamburg

Tel.: + 49 (0)40 41 35 38 29
Fax: + 49 (0)40 41 7262

Managing Director: lic. oec. HSG Moritz Eversmann

Name of firm: VIVUM GmbH, commercial register HRB 95334

Register court: county court Hamburg 

Design: Herret von Haeften Design
Programing: Cross One